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Double Major Elite Connectors

Double Major Elite Connector Bars

DISCONTINUED - We have been forced to discontinue this product as we are advised that although it is not itself a Medical Product its use with a Medical Product requires it to be approved by the MHRA (Medicines & Healthcare products Regulatory Agency). The cost of doing this would be prohibitive !

Join two individual Major Elites special needs pushchairs together converting them into a single combined unit, a 'Double Major Elite', which can be pushed by one person.

Comprises two connector bars. One connector bar is fixed across the front of the two pushchairs the other connector handlebar is fixed through the pushchair handles at the top. Sturdy high specification QuickFist Clamps secure the bars to the pushchairs.

The combined unit can be pushed using either the original pushchair handles or the foam grips on the connector handlebar.

easy to fit & create a 'double' Major Elite in about three minutes
easy to release – revert to two single Major Elites in about one minute
easy to release – approximately one minute
too wide to use indoors or in shops

made from quality high specification components multiple fixing points - not dependent on a single fixing point
fail safe – safety handle wrist strap supplied for security if pushchairs released

This is big 115cm (46"), so do need to think carefully about where you want to go. You won't get this into a shop or through a domestic doorway, you might get it down a school or hospital corridor. Probably not onto a train, bus or in a lift.

There may be sections of pavement where the width is reduced due to a lamp post or other obstacle.

If there is a route you need to travel, e.g. a school run, then we recommend that you walk it with a tape measure so you know that it is wide enough to support all wheels at all times. If it is not then understand how you can detour for example are there lowered kerbs so you can temporarily use the road - and would this be safe with the traffic in this area ?

Can you handle the pushchair with the combined weight of both occupants, especially if there are sloping surfaces ? If you are of slight build yourself who could struggle with an adult in a wheelchair then it may not be suitable. You must be in control at all times.

Double Major Elite Connector Bars User Guide

VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

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