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Insect/Privacy Net

Insect/Privacy Net*

As an Insect Net it provides protection from most insects (although not tiny midges).

As a Privacy Net it provides a barrier to the outside world (albeit light and see through) and can help create a sheltered or 'safe' space for a child who suffers from sensory overload in crowded situations. The occupant can see out but is partly shielded from unwanted attentions.

Fits easily to the Major Elite much like the Rain Cover, also needs a Sun Hood for support.

Tough netting fabric allows ventilation and reduces visibility but DOES NOT protect against UV light it is NOT a 'Shade'.

IMPORTANT On really sunny days DO CHECK the occupant regularly to ensure that they are not over heating inside the net.

Compatibility - this product cannot be used with other pushchairs as they lack the necessary fixing points.

VAT EXEMPT - you will need to confirm in the checkout that you are eligible for VAT Relief because you are buying this for a child due to their medical condition

Total Price24.00 (including delivery and when exempt from VAT at 20%)