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Tips & Advice

Based on customer troubleshooting questions we have received.

Bent Frame

Damaged ? a common question

Please note that your pushchair is made from aluminium tube which shaped (bent) by design.

One of the cross bars under the seat and one cross bar behind the seat have two slight bends, evenly spaced from each end. You will see it is symmetrical. At the point of the bend there is a slight creasing to the metal.

These bends are deliberate and the pushchair would not function without them.

We do understand that until you are familiar with your new pushchair you might be concerned on seeing them that your pushchair is damaged. It isn't.

Will NOT Fold

stuck, what do I do ?

Firstly do not force it to fold.

The classic cause of the pushchair not folding is that the harness has not been done up after the child has left the seat and one of the plastic clips on the end of a harness strap is now jammed in the frame, preventing it from folding.

To solve this:
  • unfold the frame
  • snap together the harness so none of it is tangled with the frame

The pushchair should now fold down.

It is always important to snap together the harness before folding the pushchair to avoid breaking the harness clips or damaging the frame.

Squeaky Wheels

Drive you mad !

The Major Elite wheels are plastic with plastic hubs on a steel axle i.e. not sealed bearings. Friction between the plastic parts can cause a squeak or if grit gets stuck in the mechanism.

To solve this:
  • wash the wheels with hot soapy water to remove dirt (you may find it easiest standing them in a bucket) and allow to dry

Veers in one direction

Difficult to steer

Lift each set of wheels in turn from the floor and spin the wheels to indentify any which do not rotate freely, if one is stuck then this will cause the pushchair to veer.

To solve this:
  • wash the wheels with hot soapy water to remove dirt (you may find it easiest standing them in a bucket) and allow to dry

Rivet Failed on front Cross Bars


The cross frame connects the two sides of the pushchair if the Footplate is not fitted and the cross frame is used as a footrest, or if a child swings their feet back against it, then it can be damaged.

To solve this:
  • or failing that find a local service company, e.g. a bike shop, or mobility shop. It takes a seconds to put a rivet in and should not be expensive

IMPORTANT The pushchair may not be safe to use before it has been repaired and if used will likely result in the vertical frame breaking.

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