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Maclaren Warranty

Maclaren Warranty

The Maclaren Major Elite comes with a basic warranty for the original owner which you can upgrade to the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty if you just register your warranty online at Sovereign Lifetime Warranty Registration within 45 days of purchase

Maclaren Major Elite Special Needs Pushchair - User Manual Warranty Page 37

How the Maclaren Warranty Works

If you have a problem with your Major Elite, whether it's covered by the Warranty or not, please contact us in the first instance, 01363 881110, rather than Maclaren Customer Care even though it is a Manufacturer's Warranty.

We are experienced with the Major Elite and can often solve problems with advice by telephone or email, but if we are unable to advise on an issue then you can contact Maclaren Customer Care for their help.

TIP - we know you have busy lives but five minutes reading the User Manual will avoid some basic problems as well as helping it work best for you. Please don't also forget that you are responsible for ongoing maintenance - cleaning and lubrication.

REMEMBER a manufacture's warranty is intended to help you if there is fault with the manufacturing workmanship or materials. The warranty will not cover misuse, abuse, neglect, accident or reasonable wear & tear. The Major Elite is designed to provide mobility for a child who cannot walk and who is a co-operative occupant. The Major Elite is not designed as a 'restraint device' for a child with challenging behaviour who may de-stabilise, break or inflict excessive wear and tear on the pushchair or accessories.

Maclaren do not approve the use of a board attached to the Major Elite enabling a second child to ride the pushchair, their use may invalidate the warranty.


In the unlikely event that your Major Elite needs to be Serviced by an Engineer then this can be done at one of their Authorised Service Centres at various locations around the country and worldwide. These are usually retail stockists of their pushchairs who have Qualified Service Engineers on site. They can arrange for any spare parts required to be shipped to them from Maclaren. We do not perform any servicing ourselves.

Maclaren Customer Care

How to make a Warranty Claim

If you registered for the Maclaren Sovereign Lifetime Warranty then Maclaren will already have much of the information they need about you and the Products you have.

Then on the Maclaren webpage click the Customer Care link in the top left of the page.

Select the first option on the left "Warranty Claim OPEN CASE"

The first page simply confirms your contact details, make any changes required.

On the second page enter:
  • Type of Enquiry - WARRANTY CLAIM
  • Product Category - TRANSPORT CHAIR
  • Product Type - MAJOR ELITE
  • VIN Number (Serial Number) - image shows where to look on the frame for this
  • Date of Purchase - see invoice below
  • Retailer - ORCHARD FARM LTD (assuming you bought it from us)
  • Proof of Purchase - we can send you a copy of your invoice as a pdf if required
  • Previous Service - YES/NO
  • Are you the Original Owner - YES/NO warranty is for the original owner only
  • Provide Images of the Issue - Upload two images of the problem plus one image of the whole pushchair
  • Area of Reference - select from options provided, e.g. Wheels
  • Comments - enter additional notes/description
then click